Do You Feel Like You're Losing Your Identity Outside of Motherhood?

Motherhood is a part of your identity, but it is not your entire identity. And you know yourself best, even if you feel you have drifted so far away from who you were before becoming a mom. Deep down, you know you and know what you love, love to do, and love about yourself. But sometimes you have to push yourself and dig deep to reconnect with yourself. And that's ok!

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    What is it?

    A guided personal reflection workbook to help you in developing a growth mindset in life. You’ll hone in on your why, get deep with overcoming your fears and limiting beliefs, find clarity in your passions, and describe what you want to achieve in life. Discover how self reflective writing can help you find clarity, while identifying and overcoming the obstacles in your way to manifest and reach your dream life.

    Importance of
    Developing a
    Growth Mindset

    When I started paying more attention to how I wanted to feel, I found that working on my mindset was the root to creating a happy, fulfilling, loving life. My goal for you using this workbook is to help you find and love yourself again in this beautiful, messy, chaotic life. To begin to cultivate a meaningful relationship and unconditional love for yourself and your life, from the inside out.

    It's not always easy, and this growth mindset workbook will get deep, but allow yourself to get deep into it. Allow yourself to feel your emotions, be true with yourself, and work through it, because with awareness comes clarity.

    This is for you if:

    You’re feeling like motherhood is making you feel stuck in every other area of your life. You're constantly exhausted and feel in a mental funk. Or you keep putting surface level bandaids on [more self care, giving yourself grace, etc] when the root cause is in changing your mindset.

    Maybe you feel you’re not doing a good enough job, that you'll never feel different than you do now, you're unhappy, don’t deserve to enjoy your life or motherhood, or another thought along those lines. Or you're crying inside because you feel you don’t have a second to breath. You’re just trying to stay above water, but feel you’re hardly getting by day after day.